We share the liquid just as it comes from the cask. So opening the jar gives the same experience as opening the cask.

The first report of the aroma, followed by unveiling the different flavours within. A robust 64% – perfect for absorbing the subtle cask flavours yet still beautifully balanced when tasted in its cask strength state.

Open the jar and inhale gently to enjoy the woody, smokey report of the liquid inside. Woodiness, traces of perfumed citrus zest and a hint of savoury, perhaps spices, too.

Pour 3cl into the stirrup cup in its pure form.

A small sip reveals a beautifully balanced, curiously complex flavour with citrus and leaf giving way to a woody sweetness. Freshly cut wood.

Add a splash (10ml) of pure water and the woody flavour opens up to reveal aromatic elements. With sweet & savoury notes, perfumed citrus & green wood.

Halfway through, add another splash (10ml) of water and a more intense juniper flavour comes through alongside the citrus and unripe fruit, whilst behind are bark and plant notes with a hint of background spice.

The flavour reflects the landscape from which the flavours and ingredients come. Dried leaves crackling under your feet and the verdant, earthy aroma sustained by the same underground stream that nourishes the ancient mulberry tree and surrounding British countryside.