Distilled from the leaves of a single, ancient Mulberry tree, a single batch of this exquisite cask-strength (64% ABV) gin takes more than two years of careful work to produce.


Hand-harvested and individually dried Mulberry (Morus Nigra) leaves take the lead in this very rare, finely crafted gin. Botanicals grown for generations, their soil nourished by the same age old, underground stream.


Smokey, long and deceptively smooth. Very Bloody Marvellous.
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Modern British Luxury

Every element is as painstakingly created as the liquid inside, produced by some of the finest craftspeople in the country.


Hand-made porcelain jars, embossed and polished to a diamond matt finish in distinctive crisp white are perfectly paired with an elegant porcelain stirrup cup – a fresh take on the traditional British drinking vessel.  The luxurious presentation is completed with a fine leather hide, hand embossed case to give a satisfying, organic feel.


Especially designed to help a fuller enjoyment of Morus LXIV and the distinctive tasting ritual we recommend, in order to get the most out of this exquisite liquid.
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The Liquid

First, the leaves are harvested by hand from the ancient Mulberry Tree and complementary botanicals that grow nearby. These are individually hung and air-dried slowly in small batches to retain their rich flavour.


When they’re just right, the very best are selected for distillation, where they are carefully balanced with further fine botanicals and gently distilled.


Once distillation is complete, the liquid is then rested so that the complex flavours can combine before being prepared for the intricate ageing process.


This process delicately builds and rounds out the flavour, until it is ready to be hand-poured and shared, cask strength, with a very rare few.
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MORUS LXIV is sold exclusively at HARVEY NICHOLS in two limited edition sizes: a smaller 3cl size alongside the full-size 70cl vessel so that more people can share the extremely limited amount of this liquid available.


3cl Morus LXIV
Porcelain jar and stirrup cup with hide case
Presented in a luxury gift box
RRP £200

A perfect taste of this exquisite and rare liquid, in a crisp white 3cl jar in hand made porcelain, embossed and hand polished to a diamond matt finish. Perfectly pared with elegant porcelain stirrup cup, wrapped in fine hide leather, hand embossed case.

70cl + 3cl Morus LXIV
70cl & 3cl Porcelain jars and stirrup cup with hide case.
Presented in luxury gift boxes.
RRP £4,000
A splendid quantity of this exquisite liquid in a magnificent crisp white jar in the same hand-made, hand-polished, diamond matt finish porcelain. An elegant porcelain stirrup cup, wrapped in fine hide leather, hand embossed with an additional 3cl of this rare liquid.


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We share the liquid just as it comes from the cask. So opening the jar gives the same experience as opening the cask.

The first report of the aroma, followed by unveiling the different flavours within. A robust 64% – perfect for absorbing the subtle cask flavours yet still beautifully balanced when tasted in its cask strength state.

Open the jar and inhale gently to enjoy the woody, smokey report of the liquid inside. Woodiness, traces of perfumed citrus zest and a hint of savoury, perhaps spices, too.

Pour 3cl into the stirrup cup in its pure form.

A small sip reveals a beautifully balanced, curiously complex flavour with citrus and leaf giving way to a woody sweetness. Freshly cut wood.

Add a splash (10ml) of pure water and the woody flavour opens up to reveal aromatic elements. With sweet & savoury notes, perfumed citrus & green wood.

Halfway through, add another splash (10ml) of water and a more intense juniper flavour comes through alongside the citrus and unripe fruit, whilst behind are bark and plant notes with a hint of background spice.

The flavour reflects the landscape from which the flavours and ingredients come. Dried leaves crackling under your feet and the verdant, earthy aroma sustained by the same underground stream that nourishes the ancient mulberry tree and surrounding British countryside.
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MORUS Cocktails

MORUS & WATER, the purest way to appreciate the flavour of this gin.

Morus LXIV -5/-7°C, 30ml
Harvey Nichols mineral still water 2/5°C, 30ml (added in thirds)
Whisky glass or tulip shaped glass, frozen
Ice: None
Garnish: None
Have a sip of the neat gin, then add the first 10ml of water, swirl, and sip again. Add the remaining water as you sip your way through the drink. The gin will become more flavourful as you keep sipping and diluting it.

MORUS MARTINI – our take on the classic bone-dry martini, we dilute the gin at 19% ABV. Gum arabic adds to the mouth-feel of the drink (so you can taste more), ‘stabilising’ and fixing the flavours.

Morus LXIV, 30ml
Harvey Nichols mineral still water, 70ml
Gum Arabic, 0.1g (optional)
Ice: None
Glassware: Small martini glass or coupette, frozen
Garnish: None
Disperse gum arabic in cold water until fully dissolved. Combine with the gin into a sterilized bottle or jar and leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours (BUT NO LONGER) prior serving. Serve it at 0/-2°C

MORUS HIGHBALL, a delightfully refreshing drink with juniper and woody notes carried through the carbonation, fruity and savoury in the background. Based on the whisky highball, the perfect accompaniment to food.

Morus LXIV -5/-7°C, 30ml
Harvey Nichols sparkling water 2/5°C, 80ml
Glassware: Thin Highball
Ice: Cubed, clear ice from pure filtered water
Garnish: None
Pour the gin into a think highball glass over cubes. Top up with sparkling water and mix gently so as not to break up the bubbles.

MORUS & BUBBLES, a twist of the classic champagne cocktail, but with no bitters in place here. The sugar cube increases the carbonation of champagne, which carries the more subtle notes of the gin through the glass; the flavour gets more intense as you sip the drink. Water is there to further stretch the flavour.

Morus LXIV, 10ml
Filtered water, 15ml
Champagne, 100ml
Sugar cube, 1
Glassware: Flute
Garnish: None
Drop a sugar cube into a champagne glass, add gin, water and top with champagne. Mix gently.


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